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Millennials now make up a large portion of the home buying pool. What are some steps that sellers can take to maximize their home's appeal to this demographic? Read on for some tips from our special guest blogger, Elizabeth Early.


5 Upgrades Florida Millennial Homebuyers Love

Bella Baxter

Born in Virginia, but raised in Hernando County from infancy, Belinda considers herself a Florida native...

Born in Virginia, but raised in Hernando County from infancy, Belinda considers herself a Florida native...

Feb 12 4 minutes read

Drawing people to the Sunshine State is an easy sell, especially when the Florida housing market is so hot. When you’re getting ready to put your house up for sale, consider the upgrades that attract buyers. “Millennials” — men and women born between 1981 and 1996 — make up about one-third of today’s housing market. They want an easy-to-care-for property that keeps up with their social lifestyles. Check out these upgrades that will bring these young buyers to the door. 

1. Curb Appeal

After checking out photos on the internet, the outside of the house tells buyers if they want to go inside. Curb appeal is everything! Ragged, weedy lawns tell would-be buyers that the place has been neglected. Spruce up the yard and flower beds with trees, shrubs, and blooms. Replace broken and dried out house numbers with new ones. Repair or paint the mailbox. Fix cracks in the driveway and walkways. Paint or stain shutters, window boxes, railings, and the front door. In fact, painting the front door black can increase the selling price

2. Kitchen

A big, wide kitchen with a lot of counter space is a real draw for today’s homebuyers. The kitchen has become a focal point, where people get together and socialize as they fix meals. While it may not be possible to knock down a wall to enlarge the kitchen, you can update it with new light fixtures, clean paint, and energy-efficient appliances. Wire the kitchen to install a big-screen television. Formal dining rooms don’t attract interest like they once did — the kitchen is where everyone wants to eat, and hang out.

3. ‘Chill’ Space

Working from home is popular these days, especially because the internet allows us to work for ourselves or companies all over the world. Dedicate one room in the house for a chill space — somewhere to chat on social media, read, relax, exercise, pay some bills, write a few emails and watch TV.  Include some comfy chairs or hammocks designed for the indoors.  Set up a home office in the basement, loft, or bedroom. This space should have enough outlets to power up mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. WiFi is essential. Set up an artificial intelligence (AI) device so that buyers can see the home is “smart.” Phone jacks for landline phones aren’t all that necessary now that the world has become mobile — but a built-in USB charging port is!

4. Bed and Bath

The most-used (and intimate) rooms in the house are the bedrooms and bathrooms. Old linoleum or vinyl flooring gets dingy and dull over time — tear it up and toss it out. New, long-lasting products are available at home improvement stores, or you can tack on a flooring allowance to sweeten the sales deal. Replace soiled and rusty faucets and buy new shower doors if necessary. In the bedrooms, closet space is always at a premium, and you know your looky-loos will be checking them out. If there’s no way to expand bedroom closets, remove all the extra clutter before showing the house. Paint or wallpaper the walls for a clean, fresh look. 

5. Lighting

Bright light is what every home needs, and if your house doesn’t have a lot of windows, some new lamps and fixtures may be enough to satisfy a would-be buyer. Energy-efficient lighting cuts down on utility bills and supports a cleaner environment. Ceiling fans reduce cooling costs by increasing air circulation in the home, especially nice in the summer heat of Florida. 

Older Florida homes need a facelift to compete with today’s updated models. The more you fix up your place, the less work it would be for a potential buyer, and that’s a selling point by itself.

Elizabeth Early is a former real estate agent turned freelance writer. She keeps a hand in the market by staging homes.

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